Testicular Cancer Treatment

What is the Testicular Cancer Treatment?

Testicular cancer treatment is take is depend on two factor that are whether you have seminomas or non-seminomas testicular cancer and the other one is identified the stage of the cancer. The option treatment for testicular cancer is Surgery, Radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


There are two types of surgical includes Orchidectomy and Lymph node surgery.

    • Orchidectomy

Orchidectomy is the medical name for the surgical removal of a testicle. If you have a testicular cancer, it is necessary to remove the whole testicles because only removing the tumor may lead to the cancer spreading. The chance to full recovery is high if removing the cancer testis. By this treatment, sex life and ability to get the children will not be affected. Normally, it will remove one part of the testis and another one still can be used.

Other than that, to those men that need two remove both testis it is important to take a testosterone replacement therapy. If both testicles removed, it will stop you producing testosterone. It will make you in decrease sex drive and will not be able to achieve or maintain an erection. By this treatment it will maintain an erection and sex drive. Testosterone replacement therapy is usually given either as injection or skin patches.

    • Lymph Node Surgery

Lymph node surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic. The lymph nodes in your abdomen are the most likely nodes that will need to be removed. Furthermore, in the some cases, the nerves near to the lymph nodes can become damaged, which means that rather than ejaculating semen out of your penis during sex or masturbation, the semen instead travels back into your bladder.

A new Type of lymph node surgery, called nerve sparing retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND) is increasingly being used because it carries a lower risk of causing retrograde ejaculation and infertility. This treatment is less chance of nerve damage occurring but it is more technically demanding.

Another new type of lymph node surgery is laparoscopic retroperotoneal lymph node dissection (LRPLND). This treatment will make a number of small incisions (cuts) in your abdomen. A special instrument called an endoscope is inserted into one of the incisions. Small surgical instrument are passed down the endoscope and can be used to remove the affected lymph nodes. This treatment is less post-operative pain and a faster recovery time.


Radiotherapy uses high-energy beams of radiation to help destroy cancer cells. Sometimes, seminomas may require radiotherapy after surgery, to help prevent the cancer from returning. Other than that, if your testicular cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, you may require radiotherapy after a course of chemotherapy.


Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer medicines to kill the malignant (cancerous) cells in your body or stop them multiplying. This treatment helps prevent the cancer returning. It most commonly used to treat non-seminoma tumnor. Chemotherapy are usually injected or given orally (by mouth). You should not get a children while you are receiving chemotherapy and for a year after treatment. Condoms should also be used during the first 48 hours after having a course of chemotherapy. This is because to protect your partner from any potential harmful effects of the chemotherapy medication in your sperm.



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